Recently a news story broke that has shattered reality for many Canadians who have been living in a state of involuntary or voluntary ignorance. Suddenly we were thrust into a cycle of grief for the lives lost of hundreds and possibly thousand of babies and children who were stolen from their homes and robbed of their culture, heritage, innocence and most importantly, the love of their families. Being a Caucasian woman living in Canada right now, I have felt many things in the last few weeks. I have felt sadness, I have felt shame, I have felt anger, I have felt guilt and most of all I have felt grief. My heart absolutely weeps for the children who endured what no human should ever have to, for the mothers who pounded their fists and screamed their throats raw, and for the soul of the Indigenous people, which was unceremoniously beaten and starved by the people who invaded this land and sought to make it their own.

But there is one other thing that I have felt, and that is hope. There is a sense in the world today of progress, of a people that want to understand and want to make right as best we can. There is a feeling of closure that is emanating from the very pores of this country. I know it will never be enough for what was stolen but I hope that it can bring even a whisper of peace to the guardians and keepers of this great land.

This is something that our mother wrote, inspired by the complex and intense feelings that this revelation has brought on. Sometimes we don’t know how to put into worlds our thoughts, feelings and hopes, but I think that she has captured my own beautifully. My wish is that it will bring you some clarity and enable you to start putting your thoughts and feelings and dreams into your own words. Spark a conversation. 💕 #everychildmatters

The gentle hands of the Mother lifted me up. She cradled me against her bosom and she whispered to me as we took flight into the night sky. She gave me comfort with her words.” You are my child, you are your parent’s child, you are of the earth, the oceans, the forests and glaciers, you are one with the mighty beasts and the smallest of Her creatures, you are me.”
Together we flew over the mighty rivers of my ancestral lands, I saw the fields ripple beneath our wind as we passed and I saw the thundering snow as it crashed past the crags and crevices of the great mountain ranges that towered above my peoples villages.
“Where are we going?” I asked the Mother.
“You will see and you will understand,” spoke a voice as gentle as a summer wind.
We soared above the orchards, I saw the ripening fruit hanging low on the branches. We dipped down low and grazed the flowers that decorated the alpine meadows and watched the herds of majestic caribou as they traversed the rocky river beds on their way to the summer feeding grounds.
“ I’m scared,” I softly cried to the Mother.
“ The time for fear has passed,” she answered. “ Open your eyes my child and see with your heart and soul what lays before you.”
We flew above the villages and towns that bordered the lands of my memories. I saw the buildings, the churches, the schools, the businesses. I saw the humanity of some and I saw the evilness of others. I saw my own family as they went about their daily lives. I saw the tears and pain and suffering of those who had no answers and no hope. I saw the joy and peace of so many others as they remembered and I heard the prayers of those who were still seeking.
“What do they look for?” I asked the Mother.
“Come… I will show you.” She answered.
The night began to give way to the dawn of a brand new day as we landed gently upon a grassy field at the edge of a forest. The Mother laid her hands upon the earth and She wept. One by one the children came to her and to each she gave her gentle touch and healing words. Then she lifted us all into her embrace as she again rose high into the morning light.
Again I implored Her to tell me where our journey would take us.
“ I am taking you home,” she said with a voice choked with tears.”They will keep your earthly body for a time but that time is short. The world will know your story and it will weep. You though, will feel no grief or pain for you will return to your homes and your families for that is the way of the Mother. No more will they cry in the night and beg for release from their grief. They shall know… You are free and you are home.”